Blog 10

This semester I have learned a lot. This class has taught me about storytelling over various medias and how to make that storytelling as effective as it can be. I have learned about the various components that go into each type of media to create a story. For example, the different types of shots for photography and video projects and the different kinds of sounds for audio. Additionally, my interviewing skills have improved, or at least I am more comfortable doing interviews. I think I have a better idea of what questions to ask and how to form the answers into a cohesive story.

I think that I am strong with interviews and editing. I think the media that I am strongest in is video. I think that I am good at creating a cohesive story. However, I need to improve my attention to detail. I need to make sure my audio is just right and that I have all of the different shots that I need for photo and video. I need to make sure that I have a variety of tight detail shots especially for video. For photo, I need to pay attention to making sure that the camera settings are just right so that my pictures look good and come out clear.

For the final project I will continue to work on my storytelling skills with video. I will pay attention to every single shot and make sure to get as much variety as possible. I will make sure that I have a lot of b-roll especially tight detail shots.


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