Audio Postcard

Liz Schmidt, MU Freshman, has found her place in Mizzou’s run club. She joined the club last semester. For her, run club is a connection between her high school and college life.


I’m Liz Schmidt, I’m a freshman and I have been running since my sophomore in high school. I started running because my sisters and I saw other people running and we thought it would be cool. Another reason that I started running was because I wasn’t really good at actual sports that required skill. So, running just requires your two feet, a pair of tennis shoes, and the streets. Once I joined cross country my junior year of high school, it became very social for me and I wasn’t very competitive. I did it mostly to just run with other people.

I just joined run club this past semester. Run club is just a group of people that run together. I joined run club to have a piece of my cross country life- back in highschool and because I wanted more people to run with.

It’s this weird mentality, where- running is an uncomfortable sport. It’s not something people really like to do, I guess, but when you’re doing it with a group of people- knowing that they’re all feeling the same way is kind of comforting- you’re not alone.

Don’t be afraid it’s not intimidating. Nobody there is- they’re not looking down on anyone. They are- We have all started running at some point. We all know what it is like. The thing about running is that whether you are just starting running or you’ve been running for awhile, it feels the same. You’re just running at a different pace.

Everybody there just has a chill time. There is no pressure. If you only feel like running one mile or ten miles, you’ll find somebody to run with.


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