Blog 7

Sue Fulton was a member of the first co-ed class of West Point. Ana Marie Cox talked to her about the impacts of equal rights on the army.

This topic is newsworthy. President Obama worked to diversify the ranks. There is debate as to whether adding different groups to the army was really the right choice. With President Trump, there is concern about Obama’s actions being undone. Fulton provides a strong, qualified voice to speak for marginalized groups in the army.

Cox was clearly informed. She knew the qualifications of her subject and knew what she is passionate about. Thus, she knew what to ask Fulton. The order of questions was smart. In the first question, Cox gives Fulton credibility by mentioning that she was part of the first co-ed class of West Point and then  served in the army for five and a half years. She also mentions that Fulton has been fighting for civil rights in the military. Cox then introduces the debate over how inclusive the military should be. She then makes the debate current and shows what is at stake when she asks if Trump would be able to undo the progress that Obama has done. Cox leaves the reader with the real example of people being discriminated against based on their sexuality.

I would have asked, as a member of the first co-ed class of West Point what struggles or challenges did she personally have to overcome. I would also ask what specifically do these various groups bring to the military that make it stronger.

Link to Q&A


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