Blog 6

So far this rotation, I have learned how hard it is to tell a story. Video combines both audio and visual so as the journalist, you have to find a way to make both the story and visuals interesting. The story shows the passage of time. To make an impactful video, the visuals should reinforce the audio to help drive the point home to the reader.

There is never enough B-roll. It is integral that there are a variety of different shots to make the project interesting. It is important to take very close detail shots. The variety of shots keeps the reader engaged with the video. When I was shooting, I thought I was shooting a variety of things and thought for sure I would have plenty of B-roll. However, when I was editing I realized that though I had a lot of footage, it was a lot of similar shots. In the CNN video at the bottom of the post, the B-roll does a very good job showing the setting of the story and showing what Vietnamese culture looks like.

A narrative arc has an exposition, rising action and resolution. The narrative arc is a story structure.  The exposition is the introduction. The introduction must be interesting. If the introduction does not hook the reader, then there is very little that can be done to bring them into the story. For example, in the CNN video, the introduction starts with an odd quote about making someone a wife. The quote gets the attention of the reader and immediately has them asking questions that the video answers. The introduction then introduces the teacher and the story. The rising action is basically everything that happens. In the rising action, the B-roll is very important to keep the story moving and visually interesting. In the CNN video, the rising action is talking about human trafficking in Vietnam and the teacher’s journey to find the girls. The resolution should be a good wrap up of the story. The conclusion is the last chance to make a point and make sure that the reader takes away from the story what you want them to take away. In the CNN video, the conclusion tells the viewer what happened to the girls and what is happening with human trafficking in Vietnam.



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