Blog Post 3

Armando L. Sanchez’s Photo Story

This piece has very strong central characters. After looking at his pictures the viewer feels like he was in the class with Paul Wade and the children.  The pictures do a very good job showing Wade’s gentleness even though he is teaching children to fight. I love the fifth picture of Chaya Wade and Jonathan Pineda sparing. The picture is a perfect example of conflict and character. In Chaya Wade’s face you can see how much effort and force she is putting into the punch and you can see Pineda’s surprise from getting hit. For expert testimony, the photographer shows Wade teaching and Sanchez’s captions make it very clear that Wade knows what he is talking about.

Most of Sanchez’s pictures use the rule of thirds. His use of the rule makes the pictures more visually interesting and draw the viewer’s attention where he wants it. Since most of the pictures use the rule of thirds, the pictures that do not use the rule stand out. For example, the first photo of Wade and his daughter stands out because they are centered and fill the frame. Sanchez has a lot of variation as to where the subjects are positioned. The variation makes the pictures more visually interesting when viewed together.

The only thing that I would change is that some of the pictures seem dark especially the third and second to last pictures.

Brittany Greeson’s Photo Story

Each photo has its own central character. However, the story as a whole does not have a central character. The conflict of the story is between the apartment building and its residents who are angry about the cost of rent. Each photo has a different viewpoint, however none of them are positive of the apartment complex.

The photographer played with light. Some of the pictures were bright others were shadowy. I do not think that the lighting added a lot. Most of the indoor photos are too dark. The third and ninth photos are too yellow. In the fourth photo, the woman’s hands are very blurry and I think that they distract from her expression.

Had I done this project, I would have focused on fewer people to create a stronger central character. Focusing on fewer people would help the viewer connect with the characters more and relate more to them. I thought that this story felt more scatter brained and less cohesive because every picture was vastly different without much connecting one picture to another.


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